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Medelzkopf, panoramic skitour from Weissee

Imagine staying at Rudolfshütte, a perfect skitouring base for many famous ascents, bit Bering trapped inside by the zero visibility. There is a half od a day left and sun finally showed up. That's why Medelzkopf (2762 m) Is here.

Lucka, únor 2022

Rudolfshütte, formerly a simple mountain hut of an austrian Alpine club, nowadays a huge comfort hotel with wellness, is located at 2315 m above the Weissee dam. You can get there with no effort by a cablecar from the valley. With all the modern facilities, the place also lost something from its romantic spirit. The nearby skicenter Is known for various freeride options.

Medelzkopf skitour takes couple of hours and most of the ascent can be done comfortably on a ski slope. It worths waking up early to make if before the cable car brings first skiers. Especially when you stay at Rudolfshütte, it makes a lot of sense. The Medelzkopf slope is one of the widest in this area, but it doesn’t mean there would be enough space.

Starting from the Rudolfshütte ride down along the shott T-bat Hüttenlift, almost to the level od Weissee lake. You can also ride with your climbing skins on, but it worths putting them on here, at the lowest place. Start hiking up along the cablecar called Medelz. You see the summit all the time almost in front of you. Medelzkopf is a rocky pyramid above the slope.

Pass the lift station and continue to the small lake Medelzlacke, which is probably covered by ice and snow. There are some stone mohylas at the base od western slope, which we are about to climb

It depends on the snow conditions, whether we leave our skis here, use crampons or continue with skis to the top. Snow can be vary hard and icy because of the wind, so consider your skills and current situation.

Once we reach the summit, there is an amazing view from the cross. Medelzkopf is not the highest in the area, but we can admire the giants of Hohe Tauern. The most famous and highest one is hidden behind the ridge of Hoher Kasten. We can see his neighbors Johannisberg and Hohe Riff. Above the Tauernmoossee dam, we can see two rocky pyramids of Grieskogel a Kitzsteinhorn. There is probably a line of distant skiers climbing rom Weissee dam to the Sonnblickkees glacier and famous Granatspitze a Stubacher Sonnblick.

We also have more options to ride down. The easiest one is to get back to the ski slope. Freeriding option is to head to Kalser Tauern (2515 m) pass or a bit right from it and ride a wide gully to the Weissee dam. There is probably a track from other skiers which takes you back to the lowest point under the cable car. From here we need to get back to Rudolfshutte.

Route from Enzingenboden at Outdooractive

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