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Top 10 of Austria

We decided to climb ten highest mountains in Austria. Here are all of them ordered by altitude.

Ecxept the 11th, a bonus one, we have already completed the Top 10 almost within one year (from Easter to Easter). Here is a map and a list of Top 10 peaks od Austria with links (blog is only in Czech for now) and videos:

Top 10 mountains of Austria

1.      Großglockner            

3798 m

Hohe Tauern

Highest and the moust famous with many routes to climb. We chose the Stüdlgrat route climbing this nice ridge. We started from the Lucknerhaus parking and stayed in the hut Stüdlhütte.

2.      Wildspitze              

3774 m

Ötztal Alps

Spring skitouring trip from z Vent. End of the skiing season requires adequate footwear: We start in sandals, crampoons come a bit later. 

More in a blog post about Wildspitze


3.      Weisskugel              

3738 m

Ötztal Alps

We climbed third highest mountain of Austria from Italian Melag. It is usually climbed in two days with a night (or two) at Weisskugelhütte. We made it all the way in one day via the North Ridge.

How much fun it was is described in a blog post about Weisskugel Nortg Ridge.



3772 m

Hohe Tauern

Glocknerwand is an eleven out of ten - a bonus one. 

Glocknerwand is a huge ridge in a very close vicinity of Grossglockneru, separated by the pass Glocknerscharte. Highest of its rocky peaks is Hofmannspitze. Most of sources consider Glocknerwand a part of Grossglockner, but some of them consider it a separate mountain. 

This challenge is still waiting for us...

4.      Grossvenediger

3666 m

Hohe Tauern

All this started with Grossvenedigerem :-)

One spring skitour and so much enthusiasm from fresh mountain air brought an idea: "What about climbing all top ten mountains of austria :-)".

And here is how we did Grossvenediger from Tauernhaus. 


5.      Hinterer Brochkogel

3628 m

Ötztal Alps

A mid one from the three-climbs Easter trip to Ötztal Alps. Famous for its northface, but we climbed from Breslauer hutte with an amazing snowy ridge before the top.

A nice ascent is described in this blog post.

Hinterr Brochkogel

6.      Hintere Schwärze

3624 m

Ötztal Alps

Final ascent of the Top 10 project, climbed within the Easter trip Pretty long in one day from Vent, so we had very intensive memories even some days after :-).

A skitour from Ventu via normal route.

Hintere Schwarze

7.      Similaun

3599 m

Ötztal Alps

Spring ascent without skis but still with lots of snow and herds of sheeps. 

We did these two mountains during the trip Similaun and Kreuzspitze.


8.      Vorderer Brochkogel

3566 m

Ötztal Alps

There was not a skiing / winter ascent described, but we found our way. Beautifull views from the top with a sharp rock formation instead of a summit cross. 

from Vent via south ridge was the first of the Easter trip.

Vorderer Brochkogel

9.      Grosses Wiesbachhorn

3564 m

Hohe Tauern

Technically easy but a long ascent. 

Described in a blog post about Grosses Wiesbachhorn

Grosses Wiesbachhorn

10.      Rainerhorn

3560 m

Hohe Tauern

Vera close to the more famous Grossvenediger. We climbed with skis in a windy february day and met nobody 

How we survived the winf at Rainerhorn :-)

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