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Who we are

We are two OUTdoor and VERtical lovers, mountaineers, climbers, skiers and travelers. 

We like to climb, hike and ride in beautiful places. We mostly explore Austrian and Italian Alps, but we also enjoy to explore remote places, preferably mountain regions, to meet different culture and way of life.     

We always have our eyes open and cameras wit us to take beautiful pictures and videos which we enjoy to share while talking ybout our experience. 

What we do

We are trying to climb, hike, ride and explore as much as the time and conditions allow.  

...and besides that we:







Foto & video

Do you like out pictures and videos? Contact us.



We enjoy to share our experiences. We talk about our climbing trips and travels with nice pictures and usually some short videos to show. Currently we talk mostly in Czech. Contact us for mor details.

Currently we talk about:


Top 10 Mountains of Austria 2018/19 - Ten highest mountains of Austria in one year

Austrian ALps are "behind the corner" and we enjoy to go there pretty often. Excited from a Grossvenediger skitour, a project came into our minds. What about climbing all ten highest mountains?

And we made it. Almost within one year - from Easter to Easter. We combined skitouring and hiking depending on the season. We talk about how we started, which routes we took and what happened on the way. 

Fann Mountains

Trekking in Tajikistan - Fann Mountains 2019

Turquoise lakes, 5000 peaks, passes covered with snow, beautiful trails and dusty roads where the best 4WD is a donkey. That's Fann Mountains in western Tajikistan.

We talk about 10-days trekking in this beautiful mountains and the 5070 m Pik Zamok ascent. Wa also speak about the local culture and people we met in Panjakent and Samarkand cities. 

Where you can meet us

Cestovatelská festival Letem Světem - Pilsen - march 2020

Festival Obzory 2020 - Prague

Festival Hory a cestování - fall 2020 

...and more planned...

Where you could meet us

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3.11. 2019 Festival Dech hor, Semily, Czech rep.

We talked about Fann Mountains.

3.11. 2019 Festival Dech hor, Semily, Czech rep.

We talked about Fann Mountains.

Articles written for other websites

Mostly older articles about mountains and travel, published by other websites, mostly in czech, but also some in english.

Currently we write and publish mostly for OutVer.net. If you like our articles, don't hesitate to contact us. 


Ascent Grosses Wiesbachhorn

Watzmann ridge travers

Ascents and climbs descriptions for Pohora.cz 

Winter rock climbing in Geyikbayiri, Turkey

Ascent mountain Putucusi in Peru with Machu Picchu panorama

Ascent Volcan Isluga at Chilean-Bolivian border

Volcan Lonquimay ascent in Chile

Route descriptions for Grosses Wiesbachhorn and Watzmann travers in Austria

Interesting places to travel at Hedvabnatezka.cz

Iquitos, city in Peruvian Amazonas

Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina

Some skiing at Freeride.cz

Freeriding at Sankt Anton am Arlberg

In ENGLISH at Summitpost.org

Famous Laugavegur a Fimmvörthuháls trail in Iceland


T-shirt design

We like pictures and we enjoy to design. Some of them we picked to have them printed on T-shirts. They are not many, but they are original :-)

We have the T-shirts printed by T-shock.eu. You can see our designs and order with our size and color.  


Testing equipment

Of course we have our favorite stuff that we take everywhere, but we are also interested in anything new and we really enjoy to try, test and compare personally. We share our experience in the Equipment section.

Would you like us to test your product on our projects? Don't hesitate to contact us, we'll find a way :-)


Where you can find us?

Send us an e-mail:                                            c z . o u t v e r (at) g m a i l . c o m

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