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Travel guides and practical info

There is a preparation homework before every travel. We know what we want (that's the better version :-) ), where to ho, what to see or which mountain to climb. Or a superspecial flight ticket offer comes and we have to decide right now. Does it worth visit? Can we make it? ...and more quiestions come:

How can I get there?

What do I need to arrange before I go?

What should I expect there?

How much time do I need? 

Is it safe? How should I behave?

...and many more...

We also answer all these questions before we go. Than we can compare if our preparation was correct or we have exoected something completely different. We are also learning by mistakes. Next time we will do better and better :-) That's how we are getting experience. To make it easier, we are trying to use information from others, not to repeat their mistakes. And that's also why we are sharing our experience. To make it easier for you :-)

For now, we don't have the ambition to cover all the world, but we hope to keep adding destinations which are also nice memories. We will share practical information for the travel to make it more smooth and enjoyable. 

Fann Mountains

We visited Fann Mountains in July 2019 to enjoy a beautiful trekking and climbing one od 5000m peaks - Pik Zamok. 

Portugalsko titul.jpg

We travelled Portugal in December 2019 mostly by a rented car during our road&climbing trip. We enjoyed many beautiful places we would like to share. 

And what's next? :-)

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